Top 10 Places I want to Visit

Travelling has quickly become the love of my life. All I want to do for the rest of my life is visit new countries and try new food and experience new things so it’s no surprise I’m constantly looking for my next adventure. Taking inspiration from my friend Hollies post which you can find here I’ve compiled a list of 10 places that I am absolutely desperate to visit at some point in my life (hopefully sooner rather than later).

1) Russia – My love for Russia has been present since my school years when I did 2 or 3 projects on different parts of its history. Ever since then I have wanted to visit all of the places I’ve only ever read about from the Winter Palace to Red Square Square and Lenin’s Mausoleum. Though flights to Russia and accommodation aren’t that expensive, I haven’t been able to go as their VISA’s cost over £100 and I honestly have no idea how to go about getting one. It’s for that reason a visit to Russia remains a dream though hopefully one day I’ll be able to go and see all these things and more. I can only hope that the relationship between Russia and the West doesn’t worsen too much to prevent this in my lifetime.


2) Egypt – Again another country that’s come about thanks to my love of history. In year 5 we had to do a project on anything to do with Egypt so I went with the ancient Gods which was fascinating. I then stated looking into other aspects of the country, from watching documentaries on Tutankhamun to looking into the pyramids and how they were built along with so much more. My love for Egypt was only fuelled by the cheesy Mummy movies when they were released as well as the TV show that followed so it’s for this reason I want to visit Egypt so badly.

Ancient Egypt Pyramids

3) Japan –My friends and I have been talking about visiting Japan since forever. Luckily for us forever is about to end because we have booked to spend 20 days travelling through the country starting in Tokyo before moving on to Kyoto and then Osaka potentially visiting other places along the way. We recently all got together and created a list of all the things we wanted to see and do whilst we’re there and it’s made me even more excited to go. From arcades, to the Studio Ghibli Museum, racoon cafes and the pokemon centre. The trip is going to be jam packed with so many things and although it’s going to knacker me out it’ll be the experience of a lifetime. Japan from what I’ve seen is almost a 180 to the west and it’ll be the first time I’ve ever been somewhere outside of Europe. These next few months can’t go by quick enough.


4) Italy – I don’t know what it is about Italy that makes me want to go so much. Everywhere looks absolutely gorgeous from Venice to Rome to Naples and Pisa. There’s so much history there and I would love to be able to experience everything first hand especially things like Pompeii and the Colosseum as they’re not things you get to see every day. Not only that Italian food is my life so to be able to go and try pizza, pasta, ice cream and much more directly from the place of its origin would be amazing, and I imagine would taste 10x better just because of where it’s from. I think the Lizzie McGuire movie definitely convinced me that Italy is the place to go.



5) Kenya – Who doesn’t want to go on safari at some point? Zoos in theory are lovely places but the reality is much harsher so I tend to avoid them as much as I can. Therefore to see these animals that are not only non-existant in England but also in their natural habitat where they’re free to roam as they should be would be incredible. I would love to visit an animal sanctuary and maybe volunteer but I don’t know how much they’d appreciate some random white kid coming in with no knowledge of animals and needing to be hand held through everything. I’d also like to go over and donate toys and things to children that don’t have much just because it’s a good thing to do. It’d be somewhere completely different to where I’m from. I used to want to work as a vet in Africa after watching far too many episodes of Wild at Heart but that idea went out the window whenI realised I hated blood but the dream of still going (even just for a visit) remains

6) Iceland – Since watching a documentary on global warming and seeing other people experiencing the northern lights it has been a goal of mine to go (see my Bucket List). Also Iceland is home to orcas for a few months of the year and as they’re my favourite animals ever to see them out in the wild in their natural habitat would be a dream. Blackfish has changed my perspective on killer whales completely and I absolutely adore them.Not only that but Iceland has some pretty iconic places too like the Blue Lagoon and the golden circle. I was so close to going last October I could almost feel the Icelandic air however it would have involved a several hour lay over and I was not about it. One day though, hopefully close to Winter for the true experience.


7) Greece – Another place I’ve done a project on in history class and fell in love with. In fact we had a whole Greek day in primary school in which we had to come in dressed in Togas, ate Greek food (I only remember the yoghurt) and visiting places in Greece thanks to everyone’s individual presentations on tourist attractions. I want to go and have come close to going a few times however from Birmingham airport to Athens it’s expensive and there’s usually a couple hours layover somewhere which is not appealing.  I’m slightly obsessed with the mythology of the gods so would love to visit places like The Temple of Olympian Zeus and Acropolis of Athens. Essentially though  I am a big fan of history as you can tell and I feel like Greece is full of it.

8)USA (Specifically New York) – I’m much more of a city slacker than a country bum so what a better place to visit than one of the busiest cities in the world? Every time I watch vlogs of people going to the Big Apple there’s always something new and different to see whether that be a dog being pushed around in a pram or a new broadway show. Although I’ve been to many on the West Endthere’s something about seeing a show in New York that sounds more appealing to me. Also as seen on my Bucket List (x) it is a goal of mine to make it on to the Humans of New York Page as I have been obsessed with it since I found it a couple years ago. A few people I know have been and have said that it’s very different to being in London from the people to the food to the general atmosphere. I would like to go during Christmas but I’ve heard it’s a lot more expensive so I may have to put that on hold for a while but I will get there one day!

Statue of Liberty and New York City skyline

9) Denmark – Ok so I’ll admit this has only recently been added to my list because a certain actor from Vikings that I may or may not have a crush on is from there which in turn has made me want to go (very much like Bill Skarsgard and Sweden). Nether the less I would love to wonder through the halls of  Amalienborg, watch an Opera at the Copenhagen Opera House, visit the Little Mermaid statue and so much more. I don’t really know much about the country to be honest or it’s history because it’s overlooked by a lot of other places but that just gives me even more reason to go so I can find out.

10) Australia – This never used to be on my list, in fact it’s only recently that I’ve decided that I definitely want to visit Australia some day. Although I hate the heat and bugs (both of which Australia seem to have in bundles) I figured it would be pretty cool to go somewhere on the complete opposite side of the world to me. One of my work collegues went bagpacking around Australia before starting work and she said it was one of the best experiences of her life and would recommend spending at least a couple weeks exploring the country. I am absloutely petrified of sharks but I would to go scuba diving to see all the differnt kinds of fish and go dolphin spotting. If I’m feeling brave I might get in a shark cage but I doubt it very much to be honest. Ever since I went to a ballet at the Vienna Opera house I’ve been slightly obsessed so if they have anything on at the Sydney Opera house I’d be more than down to go. Luna Park also looks amazing. Basically there’s a lot of things there that I’ll never see anywhere else so I need to start saving immediately which I’m sure my friend Hirst will appreciate as she’s been banging on about Australia ever since I introduced her to 5 Seconds of Summer and became obsessed with the place (and them). It looks like a really chill place to go and it’ll be something to tell my grandpuppies when I’m older



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